Complex Simplicity

Creating a robust loyalty platform is important.You need complete  admin control, complex  and comprehensive tracking, detailed reporting, flexible user segmentation with smart auto responders integrated at different interaction points. The more advanced the technology driving your loyalty program, the better .

On that same note your user experience has to be as seamless and simple as possible. Not all of your users are tech-savvy geniuses, so making platform that is easy to use is just as important as  the complex technology that drives it.

How do you incorporate complex technology and simple user experience? Very few loyalty platform can provide you this difficult parallel. But here are some ways of achieving it.


User Experience – Use their existing log-in information for your website to access their loyalty portal, without having to visit another website.

Technology – customized and branded i-frame, matching the theme of your existing UI embedded in the customer “my account” page, accessed by the same log-in credentials.

Social Share Widgets.

User Experience - User can share your brand with a single click of a button by importing their email contacts or clicking the social media links. Users can even earn loyalty points for these interactions.

Technology - Preset, compliant email responders with both the senders and recipients name auto populated. Social sign-on through Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. Stored User authorization tokens for emails and social networks along with email address of the referees.

Shopping Cart or CRM Integration

User Experience - Users make a purchase at your online store and are able to accumulate points immediately. Users can even redeem their loyalty points at checkout  to apply appropriate discounts and credits.

Technology – Integration with your ESP and CRM systems through API. User points are automatically awarded based on presets such; time of purchase, product category, monetary value and more.


Bridging The Gap Between Marketing and Sales!

For most companies  marketing is often seen as a non-tangible expense. We get the first budget cuts during an economic crisis and  there is limited or no recognition for our work .

So when getting buy-in from your boss on a Loyalty Platform it is absolutely crucial to make it a ROI positive proposal – Not an added expense to your company.

What are some ways that Loyalty can impact your bottom line in a positive way?

1) Repeat Business – Make your customers feel like you care and appreciate them. Loyal customers mean repeat business.

2) Store Credit – Integrate a platform that lets you chose your reward. Rewarding users credit or discounts on your service or product is a great way to ensure future business.

3) Targeted Rewards – Have the flexibility to provide bonus points for specific products and brands to boost sales on non-performing or new brands.

4) Tiered Rewards – Create tiers and levels for your users to reach and redeem higher value rewards to motivate them to spend more.

5) Exclusive Memberships – Create an exclusive status for your most active users  and make them earn the status periodically.

6) Paid Memberships – Create an annual subscription and let your users purchase the chance to participate in the rewards program.

The goal of a successful Loyalty program should always be a combination of strengthening your relationship, increasing brand affinity and boosting sales. So it is crucial to find the right platform with the flexibility to  incorporate all of these features and more. The key is to partner with a platform that will understand your user-base and brand, and create a ROI based loyalty program that is right for your company.


What makes a successful Loyalty Program? How do I chose from thousands of different vendors?  How do I know if I am using the correct strategies. There are many questions that come up when choosing a loyalty platform that is perfect for your business and your audience. But today, I want to give you general  “dos” and “donts” that will help narrow down your search.



  • Keep Brand Continuity with single Sign-on and make your reward portal Easily and Readily Accessible for your users.
  • Give your users Completely Visibility on the status to let them see their growth as a participant.
  • Dictate Your Rewards. Even provide store credit or discounts as rewards to ensure future business.
  • Reward Targeted Activities to keep your users engaged with your brand.
  • Create a Tiered Reward System to and reward users with higher activity or participation.
  • Gamify your loyalty program by creating a level up structure to create an interactive experience increasing your brand affinity.
  • Create competition through Leaderboards to engage and motivate your users.
  • Let your users Share your Brand through social media and email effortlessly.
  • Find a vendor that will create the solution based on Your Users and Brand, not someone else’s.
  • Find a platform with the Flexibility to Change so your users never outgrow your rewards program.


  • Make users leave your website and your brand to access their rewards portal.
  • Keep your users in the dark on their reward status.
  • Get tied to a vendor with a limited catalog of rewards restricting your users to a small selection.
  • Create a boring, non-interactive program with no additional motivators
  • Get tied to a vendor with a cookie cutter solution who has no interest in your business.
  • Integrate a platform that is stationary with no room for changes.